FREE WEBINAR: 5 Ways to Attract More Subscribers to Your Business

% Ways tyo Attract More Subscribers to Your Business

Thursday, December 14, 2017 10 AM MDT (AZ MST) 9 AM PDT / 11 AM CDT / 12 PM EDT

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A New Year is approaching, is your email marketing where it should be to get the results you need to grow your business in 2018? 

Most business owners know the value of email marketing but don’t always follow up on what it takes to build a responsive email list. Whether you have ten email subscribers or ten thousand, you will not step up from any plateau you’ve been stuck at until you grasp the importance of capturing—and retaining—email subscribers.  

You can do this by educating yourself on the best email strategies needed to succeed. You need to start building your subscriber list now because next to your website it’s one of your most valuable marketing assets.  

As Joe Pulizzi from the Content Marketing Institute says: “An email list is critical because you can’t build your content on rented land. So many brands and companies build their audiences on Facebook and Google+, which is fine, but we don’t own those names – Facebook and Google do. If we are thinking like real media companies, the asset is in the audience. Getting an email address is the first critical step to figuring out who my reader is, and hopefully in the future, my customer of some sort. If our goal is to drive sales or keep customers happy in some way, we first need to get them as part of our audience.” 


If you have been putting off building an email list or not being consistent in your email marketing than this webinar is for you. By attending this webinar, you will have a workable plan and the knowledge it takes to move forward on creating email strategies that work for your business or organization.  

Here are the areas that will be covered: 

Building Your Community Take Care of Basic ‘Set and Forget’ Strategies Perfecting Your Pitch Daily List-building Activities Finding Your Perfect List-building Mix  

Don’t let another day go by knowing you need to take these steps in your business. Register for this webinar and gain the knowledge you need to create a plan that is comfortable for you and your specific business needs. 

  Who is this webinar for? If you have all the above steps setup in your business than you won’t need to attend but if you have been stuck on creating a workable plan, not knowing what services you need to integrate into your email marketing or lack the skill set or knowledge on how to grow your subscribers than this webinar is for you. It’s perfect for the beginner who wants to do it right from the start or for the business that has an established list but needs some growth building strategies and activities to add more subscribers.  

Wanda Baader

Taught by Wanda Baader, Agency Owner of Strategize Your Success & Certified Solutions Provider for Constant Contact

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